Website Traps to Avoid

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I’m Coach Michele, founder of

I’ve been in contact with hundreds of coaches as they start their coaching businesses. In every single case, the biggest sticking point has been getting their website set-up. Here are some of the most common, frustrating, and sometimes devastating scenarios:

  • Planning to have a friend or relative set-up your site. Waiting weeks or months for responses to your emails. It just never happens.
  •  Using a web-based “instant” website service. You like that it is so easy. At first. Soon enough “easy” becomes remarkably tedious. You also realize fairly quickly that this solution does not give you the flexibility you need. Back to square one.
  • Paying a ton of money for a professional designer. It takes months and months, but you are so happy to finally have your website and…Devastatingly, you realize virtually immediately that you don’t have everything you need, you can’t make changes, and you don’t know how to use your site. Your budget is gone and you still don’t have any clients. Ouch!
  • Learning enough to do it on your own, but *really* struggling with getting your content absolutely perfect…Your energy keeps going lower and lower, and so does your belief in being able to have a career as a coach. You go back to your day job and revert to unconscious mode to tolerate your not-your-values ho-hum life. (I’ve seen it happen!)

Don’t let the website creation process be the downfall of your business!