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What exactly is this?

At Coaching Rapid Launch, we provide our clients with a fully functioning REAL web site, tailored perfectly to professional Life Coaches.

But it’s so inexpensive. What gives?

We create the site and handle the all of the technical mumbo-jumbo behind the scenes. When you get your site, it will have starter content pulled together from things you have told us about you!  It’s a complete website!  During our free new-user webinar, our experts walk you through step-by-step how to further personalize the site, if you want to!  Some coaches love their starter content so much they don’t change a word, and choose to focus on coaching!  You will also receive access to step-by-step instructional videos if you prefer to self-study.

Can I see a sample site?

Certainly…just visit for a live sample. You will receive a site identical to this…but with your own domain name, site title, starter content and custom-made slides.  A complete website, customized to you and your business.   You can see some actual client sites right here!

Can I change the color of the site?

Yes, your site has four built-in color schemes.  You can check our red, gray, green and the original blue.

Can I add videos to the site?

Yes! You can very easily embed your own or others’ YouTube (or Vimeo) videos into your site. It takes only a few seconds and looks great!

Can I add PayPal to my site?

Yes, very easily. In just a few short minutes, you can add your own PayPal buttons to your site. This allows you to create easy buttons to charge your clients one-time or recurring monthly fees.

Tinkering with a web site terrifies me.

Have no fear! Once you receive your own site, you participate in as many new-user webinars as you need until you get the hang of it. In addition, there’s a library of How-To videos that are designed EXACTLY for your site. Pause or restart the videos as often as you want, and personalize the site with your own text at your own pace. If you feel that’s still not enough, we do offer a VIP service, where we handle the customizations on your behalf, for an additional charge.

Does this site offer ‘drag and drop’ page designing?

In a word…no. And you will thank us for it later.  Web sites that offer ‘drag and drop’ graphics-based editing of your site are somewhat misleading. With some, you don’t get a web site that you truly outright own. You are stuck on their platform indefinitely. Your Rapid Launch site is based on the award-winning WordPress platform.  There are literally hundreds of millions of web sites running WordPress. WordPress sites are ‘portable’ and virtually infinitely customizable.

So what if in a few months I want to add new functionality?

No problem! Your site can be expanded upon virtually infinitely.  The simplest way to enhance your site is via ‘plug ins’, which offer new functionality.  If you can imagine it, chances are a free plugin exists for it. Installing a plugin is easy, and we include videos to help you out.

What if I want to change the text on my main pages?

No problem! Your site is ready for you to EASILY edit your content, on your main pages such as About Coaching, About Me and Services, and all of your pages! If you buy a Starter site, we will deliver your site with some initial basic content so that you have a complete website. Most of you will want to refine and develop your content, both near the start, and throughout your career!

Can I change my Site Title and Subtitle?…

…”They seem a little bit more integrated into the design! Can I change them?” You are right, the Site Title (may be your business name) and Subtitle are a little bit more integrated, and you probably won’t want to change them very often. Yet, it is no problem if you do!  There are two places your Title/Subtitle appear: In text, in the upper left of your site:  For this area, simple changes and short title lengths are easy (1-3 Word Site Title/Business Names, 2-5 word Subtitles) and we can do those for free.  Longer site titles and site title/subtitle font changes, or even graphical site titles in the upper left, are possible, with some customization time, or if you want, we’ll show you how to do this yourself! In the title slides (large images in slider on home page):  Your Starter site comes with 4 professionally created graphic slides that include your Site Title and Subtitle.  If you make changes down the road, we can do slides for you, as part of customization time, or for a small fee.  Feeling creative?  We also have a video that shows you how you can make as many beautiful graphic title slides, or any kind of slides, as you want! If you aren’t sure what your Titles and Subtitles are, refer to our Total Prosperity Demonstration Site where the Site Title is Total Prosperity and the Subtitle is Professional Life Coaching.

What if my Profile Picture isn’t ready/not the final version

No problem, although you probably will want to know how this works…There are three places your profile picture (photograph) appears: On your About Me Page:  This is something that you can easily switch in and out yourself, as much as you want! Or, add more pictures of yourself, or maybe even your family/friends/kids/adventures/pet mouse/business associates, whatever you want! Adding photos to your pages is no problem and one of the really fun things you can easily do yourself to make your site truly yours! On your Profile Slide (large image in slider on home page, that shows your photo, name with credentials, and type of coach you are):  Your Starter site comes with a professionally created graphic slide that includes professional cropping of your photograph.  We include one professional profile slide with your website, so, if you aren’t sure about your photograph, you may want to hold-off on giving us one for now, we will do it later for you if you want. If, down the road, you want a second professionally-made slide, we can do that for you, as part of customization time, or for a small fee.  Feeling creative?  We also have a video that shows you how you can make as many beautiful graphic profile slides, or any kind of slides, as you want! As the thumbnail photo for your About Me summary block, on the center right of your homepage:  This is just a smaller version of your profile slide, so you don’t need to worry about it on it’s own. If you aren’t sure where your profile picture appears, refer to our Total Prosperity Demonstration Site and Jane Smith’s photo. We recommend starting with whatever your favorite picture is you have, and going with it! It is very important to have a photograph of you for people to get to know you! If you really want to wait until you have your “really good/great” photo, we will create your site without a photo, and we will add it for you later (we will adjust things slightly, for example, you will have no profile slide in your slider rotation, and the thumbnail of the About Me on the homepage will be a photo of nature, or something else relevant to who you are, or your coaching.) Again, finding whatever you have on hand that is best may be your optimal choice (or take one right now with your iPhone!) Most coaches spend too much focus trying to look just perfect/just right/professional…Your clients just want a chance to see you. You can provide us your photo in whatever file format you have, the bigger (size/pixels/file size) the better.


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