Do You Need A New Website?

Categories: Wisdom

Are you wondering if you need a new website?

Having trouble making the decision?

Here’s a mini quiz for you…

Answer Yes or No to the following:

  1. Can you edit your coaching rates?
  2. Can you add widgets and badges from third parties such as Facebook and Twitter?
  3. Can you blog?
  4. Can you collect email addresses?
  5. Is your site fast-loading?
  6. Do you have dynamic home-page content?
  7. Can you easily send out newsletters?
  8. Can you change and add photos?
  9. Can you change where articles appear on your homepage?
  10. Are you getting clients through your website?


0, 1 or 2 Yes’s:  It’s time for a new website!

3, 4, or 5 Yes’s: You’d probably be much happier, and have a more thriving business, with a new website.

6, 7, or 8 Yes’s: Sounds like you have most of what you need.  Is it easy enough to use?

9 or 10 Yes’s: Sounds like you have a great site.  Does it do everything you want, or could you enjoy it more if it did more?  A Rapid Launch site allows for unlimited development.