Your website is a crucial and central

part of your business.

Here’s why:


Your website can be your main “shingle” that you put out into the world that says…“I am a coach! I have something to offer you! I can help you!” Many coaches struggle with fully embracing that message and being able to live it and speak it. Your website helps you do exactly that and truly BELIEVE and LIVE that you are a coach.


Your website can be a bountiful source of clients. (I’ve been a full-time coach for over 10 years, and every single one of my clients has come via my website!)


Your website is a central hub for your ideas, creativity, values and personality.


As a coach, only about half of your “work” time will be direct client contact.


The rest of your time is mainly devoted to you being you, IN THE WORLD. Your website is your gateway to writing, speaking, seminars, media…whatever you are meant to be doing in terms of communicating who you are and your message.


Coaching was born as a virtual career, and it holds true that your “virtual” storefront, your web site, is essential to your business.

I’ve personally never seen a coach create a successful business without a powerful web site. Joyfully, I have seen many coaches thrive when they DO have great web sites!


I have a ton of experience, both personally, and in my consultation with other coaches, in what a coaching web site needs.

(By the way, what a coach needs may not be the same as what someone with some other type of business may need!)



Here’s what I have learned you need

as a coach:

Site FeaturesA fast launch of your online presence, before your energy and belief in yourself fade

Site FeaturesA website that can grow WITH you and your business

Site FeaturesImmediate ability to collect emails of people that are interested in you and what you are doing

Site FeaturesConnection to social media

Site FeaturesThe ability to easily blog: Articles, ideas, links, etc.

Site FeaturesThe ability to adjust your content: Your description of yourself, your work, your ideal client, your rates, your packages, your offerings, etc

Site FeaturesThe ability to stay current with the newest trends, newest social media sites, etc

Site FeaturesGreat-enough for now content, that you can continuously refine as you grow as a coach, get better at describing your ideal client and defining your niche


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