The Best Way to Go Live

Less Time. Less Money.

Don’t spin your wheels. Don’t hire your computer nerd nephew.


You want to get online fast, and inexpensively, and we can get you there.

No gimmicks, no outrageous promises. No having to learn


technical mumbo-jumbo


And no outrageous web designer fees.

And no tying your future to a single Social Media site, which could vanish.

Now that’s refreshing.

How it Works

Select one of our Web Site Templates, and enroll. Then complete a brief form, and tell us what your site should be named, what your domain name should be (, and answer some clever questions that help us understand you, your needs and your type of coaching.  Our experienced life coach will write starter content just for you!  You are getting a REAL website, with a tech expert and expert life coach doing all the hard work of setting it up for you.


In as little as 24 hours, you will receive the keys to your very own web site. It will look similar to the web template you requested, but will be completely customized for you.  It’s your own complete REAL website.


Now — let’s show you all you can do!


In a fun 2-hour web-based seminar, our live web expert and Life Coach will show you all the amazing things you can do with your site.  Change images, edit pages, add pages, and more and more.  By the end, you will be a pro, and you’ll be ready to launch your website and share it with the world.


You’ll also learn how to harness the powerful customer-attracting tools within your web site, such as blogging and the powerful newsletter and mailing list feature.

Get Started